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Tbilisi based All-in-One architectural studio SHRE is the discipline of generating solutions to problems and opportunities...driven by the needs, desires, and context of the people for whom we design. It is a multi-layered methodology which draws from the practices of ethnography, cognitive psychology, interaction and user experience design, service design, and design thinking.

We believe that great products arise out of listening to [people] describe their moments of deep personal pain, as well as profound joy— paying attention to what motivates and moves each of them, and committing ourselves to building something that will alleviate their pain and maximize their happiness.

That's how we create a new layer on earth what you call architecture and design.

Studio was founded by an architect and designer Iva Mazmanishvili and already counts several young talented employees.

SHRE provides all types of services related to architecture and design, including master planning, interior/exterior design, construction/renovation and furnishing. 

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